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Psychology at TC

In addition to the courses explicitly focused on racial and ethnic issues, many TC professors note that they discuss issues of race and diversity in their classes because of the curriculum entails research, field work or historical content in which racial issues are central – e.g. teaching practicum that entails working in racially diverse or racially segregated schools, courses in educational policy that cover the history of the Civil Rights Movement and or school desegregation, or courses in counseling that include issues of intercultural understanding.

Examples of current courses that fall under this category include:

  • A&HE 4053 Cultural perspectives and literature
  • A&HE 4056 Feminist Perspectives and Literature
  • A&HH 5051 Harlem Stories: Oral History and Digital Tools
  • A&HH 5063 US Education Policy in Historical Perspective
  • A&HE 6011 The Politics of Teaching English
  • EDPS 4000 Education and Public Policy
  • ITSF 4012 Cross-cultural studies of learning
  • ITSF 5016 Ethnography of Education
  • ITSF 5023 The Family as Educator
  • HBSK 5272 Supervised fieldwork in remedial reading and school difficulties
  • ORLJ 6500 Stereotypes and Stereotypic Processes in Organizational Contexts
  • ORLH 4010 Purposes-Policies of Higher Ed
  • ORLH 5199 The Civic Mission of Higher Education
  • ORLH 5525 College Student Development Theories

Students who are interested in these classes are encouraged to contact the professors to get a better understanding of the breadth and depth of the focus on race, ethnicity and intercultural understanding.