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Race, Ethnicity and Inter-Cultural Understanding Curriculum Map

This curriculum map with course description includes TC courses focused specifically and consistently throughout the semester on issues of race, ethnicity and inter-cultural understanding. The courses are organized by four overlapping themes, with courses listed by departments to help students match their interests and fulfill their requirements. Courses marked with an asterisk are under more than one theme. 

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Theme #1: Policy, History, and Social Context

Under this first theme, we list courses that explore the social, political, and historical analysis of race, ethnicity, and diversity, as well as the policies and laws that govern educational institutions and often have a disparate impact according to race. Most of the courses under this theme emphasize issues of educational equity in schools, colleges, and other contexts.

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Theme #2: Social Theory, Socio-Cultural Understandings, & Language/Linguistics

This theme includes courses that explore the intersection of identity and culture, as well as the conceptual frameworks that provide meaning and understanding to people’s lived experiences as they relate to issues of race, ethnicity and intercultural understanding.

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Theme #3: Teaching and Learning

This thematic section includes courses that provide pre-service training through a racial, ethnic, and cultural lens. Many of these courses explore modes of inquiry, discovery, and creation across disciplines, societies and cultures to help educators grapple with issues of race, ethnicity and intercultural understanding in schools and classrooms.  

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Theme #4: Health and Wellbeing

Courses listed under this theme are designed to develop students’ ability to apply psychological modes of inquiry with a focus on race, ethnicity and diversity in sociocultural and geographical contexts.

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Other Courses

This map does not include other courses that include race, ethnicity and intercultural understanding intermittently.