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Psychology at TC

This thematic section includes courses that provide pre-service training through a racial, ethnic, and cultural lens. Many of these courses explore modes of inquiry, discovery, and creation across disciplines, societies and cultures to help educators grapple with issues of race, ethnicity and intercultural understanding in schools and classrooms.  

Arts & Humanities

  • A&HB 4029 Latino Children's Literature and Literacies
  • A&HE 4051 Critical Approaches to Literature
  • A&HW 5030 Diversity and the Social Studies Curriculum
  • A&HE 5518 Teaching English in Diverse Social/Cultural Contexts
  • A&H 5199 Issues in Black Female Education in American Schools*
  • A&HE 5199 Issues: Post-Colonial Theory and English Education*
  • A&HE 6504 African-American Literature and Literary Theory: A Doctoral Seminar in English Education

Curriculum & Teaching

  • C&T 4078 Curriculum and Teaching in Urban Areas
  • C&T 4144 Multicultural Approaches to Teaching Young Children
  • C&T 4501 Teaching and Learning in the Multicultural Classroom
  • C&T 5037 Literacy, Culture and the Teaching of Reading
  • C&T 5114 Development of Multicultural Curriculum for the Early Education
  • C&T 5199 Culturally Relevant Education
  • C&T 6501 Collaborative Research Seminar: Culturally Responsive Research and Immigrant Education in Urban Contexts

International & Transcultural Studies

  • ITSF 4160 Human rights education in Africa: Politics, policies, and pedagogies

Mathematics, Science, & Technology

  • MSTU 4007 Urban and Multicultural Science Education
  • MSTC 5155 Critical Voices in Teacher Education
  • MSTU 4005 Equity, Ethical and Social Issues in Educational Technology
  • MSTM 4005 Teaching Mathematics in Diverse Cultures
  • MSTU 5002 Culture, Media and Education
  • MSTU 5009 & 5010 Youth, Media and Educational Justice
  • MSTM 5020 Mathematics and Multicultural Education