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Psychology at TC

Under this first theme, we list courses that explore the social, political, and historical analysis of race, ethnicity, and diversity, as well as the policies and laws that govern educational institutions and often have a disparate impact according to race. Most of the courses under this theme emphasize issues of educational equity in schools, colleges, and other contexts.

Arts & Humanities

  • A&HH 4060 History of Education in NYC
  • A&HH 4076 History of Urban Education
  • A&HF 4198 Latin American Philosophies of Education*
  • A&HH 5010 The History of Segregation in U.S. Schools
  • A&HH 5050 Harlem Stories - Archives and Digital Tools
  • A&HH 5076 History of African-American Education 

Curriculum & Teaching

  • C&T 5199 The School to Prison Pipeline

Education Policy & Social Analysis

  • EDPA 5016 Educational Equality: Role of Law
  • EDPP 5045 Race, Ethnicity, and US Educational Policy
  • EDPS 4022 Sociology of Urban Education

International & Transcultural Studies

  • ITSF 4010 Cultural and Social Bases in Education*
  • ITSF 4025 Languages, Society and Schools*
  • ITSF 4060 Latinos in Urban Schools
  • ITSF 4098 Educational Development and Policies in China

Organization & Leadership

  • ORLH 4040 The American College Student
  • ORLD 4845 Diversity: Implications for Recruitment and Retention - Legal Perspectives: Affirmative Action in Higher Education