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Psychology at TC

Courses listed under this theme are designed to develop students’ ability to apply psychological modes of inquiry with a focus on race, ethnicity and diversity in sociocultural and geographical contexts. 

Biobehavioral Sciences

  • BBSQ 5120 Communication Disorders in Bilingual/Bicultural Children*
  • BBSQ 5820 Bilingual Extension Institute*
  • BBSR 6199 Critical Issues in Physical Culture and Education

Counseling & Clinical Psychology

  • CCPJ 4050 Micro-aggression Institutional Climates
  • CCPJ 5020 Racism and Racial Identity in Psychology and Education
  • CCPJ 5165 Racial-cultural Counseling Laboratory
  • CCPJ 5364 Advanced Practicum in Multi-cultural Counseling and Psychotherapy
  • CCPJ 6574 Multicultural Perspectives on Social Attitudes, Identity, and Development

Heath & Behavior Studies

  • HBSS4114 Competence with Multicultural Populations: Research and Practice*