2013 Videos and Presentations

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Assessment and Evaluation Research Initiative

Department of Organization and Leadership

2013 Videos and Presentations

Inaugural Conference

The second AERI annual conference, "Testing Then and Now" on December 9, 2014. By providing a means for discussing the application and consequences of modern innovations in educational testing, both in the U.S. and internationally, the conference supported a forum for participants to develop a deeper understanding of contemporary issues in education

Opening Ceremony Video  

Provost Thomas James, TC, Columbia University

Warner W. Burke, Edward L. Thorndike Professor of Psychology and Education, TC, Columbia University

Moderator: Madhabi Chatterji, TC, Columbia University

Testing, Assessment, and the Scientific Movement in Education: From the Thorndikes to the Present Video Slides
Some Milestones in the History of Educational Measurement
Robert L. Brennan, University of Iowa
Robert Ladd Thorndike: The Man and His Legacies
Neal Kingston, University of Kansas
The Founding and Development of the International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement (IEA) and Reflections on Contributions of TC's Faculty
Tjeerd Plomp, University of Twente, The Netherlands
Validity, Test Use, and Consequences: Reflections on Some Contemporary Issues in Educational Assessment
Madhabi Chatterji, TC, Columbia University

Designing and Using Assessments to Create Learning Opportunities for Least Advantaged Students
Kent McGuire, Southern Education Foundation

Moderator: Madhabi Chatterji, TC, Columbia University

The Gordon Commission's Perspectives: Moving toward Assessment for Learning Video Slides
The Future of Assessment is Already Here -- It's Just not Evenly Distributed (after William Gibson)
Robert J. Mislevy, Educational Testing Service
Connecting Cognitive Science and Measurement Science: An Argument Regarding necessity and Sufficiency
James W. Pellegrino, University of Illinois at Chicago
A Persistent Problem in Evaluating Writing
Clifford Hill, TC, Columbia University
An Anthropologist's Perspectives on Everyday Assessments and Their Relevance to Formal Assessments
Herve Varenne, TC, Columbia University

A Visionary Perspective on Assessment for Education, Born of the Gordon Commission on the Future of Assessment
Edmund W. Gordon, TC, Columbia University and The Gordon Commission

Moderator: Ernest Morrell, TC, Columbia University

Backlash against Testing Today Video  

This moderated panel discussion will focus on testing and accountability from Pre-K to Higher Education with specific attention to the roots and potential consequences of the contemporary political backlash against testing emanating from educators, state's rights' advocates, affluent uburbanites, and others.

Panel Speakers
Kevin Dougherty, TC, Columbia University
Jeffrey R. Henig, TC, Columbia University
Frederick M. Hess, The American Enterprise Institute
Sharon Lynn Kagan, TC, Columbia University
Jal Mehta, Harvard Graduate School of Education

Moderator: Susan Fuhrman, TC, Columbia University

Closing Remarks Video  

President Susan Fuhrman, TC, Columbia University

Anna Neumann, Professor and Chair, Department of Organization and Leadership, TC, Columbia University

Moderator: Madhabi Chatterji, TC, Columbia University

Luncheon Video