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TC’s Tisch Center Cited in Chronicle of Philanthropy for Researching What Kids Like to Eat at School

TC’s Laurie M. Tisch Center for Food, Education, and Policy is cited in a Chronicle of Philanthropy article for its work with the non-profit FoodCorps in 20 schools nationwide. Tisch Center researchers are analyzing fruit and vegetable consumption in schools where FoodCorps works, by reviewing photos of lunch trays before and after the meal, to see what kinds of foods students chose in lunch lines and what they actually consumed.

They're also working to measure whether schools institutionalize new practices to ensure they remain healthy places for kids after FoodCorps, a charity that promotes healthy food in schools, departs.

"Our goal is to get schools to a place where this work has staying power and it’s not about FoodCorps showing up every single year to deliver a program," Curt Ellis, Chief Executive and co-founder of FoodCorps, says in the article.

The Chronicle of Philanthropy story is here (subscription-based website). For a PDF version of the full story, click here

Published Wednesday, Oct 12, 2016