Dear TC Students: 

We have written to you several times in the last week as we have learned more about the ever-changing impacts that COVID-19 is having, and will have, on members of our community and beyond.  I am writing again this evening to share the latest steps we are taking to protect the health and safety of our students, your families, and our staff as this virus continues to spread throughout our community. 

Our current efforts are intended to minimize the risk of each individual’s exposure to the virus, and to ensure that we are able to safely house those individuals who are absolutely unable to go elsewhere. To that end, we are seeking for different actions from individuals who live in different residential setups. These are: 

  • We are requiring that all residents of single rooms in Whittier Hall vacate those rooms by March 25th, though we strongly urge you to leave by Sunday, March 22nd.  The risk of exposure for these students is highest, and our ability to safely support students who might be exposed is lowest, in these rooms. We have already notified Whittier Hall students that we will assist them in evacuating their room and allowing them to leave their belongings in their room through May 13th. 

  • If  you are still living in a shared suite in Whittier Hall, we ask that you also move out as soon as possible, but we are not requiring you to vacate the building at this time. (However, we could require that all residents of suites move in the future, and ask that you take that into consideration as you make plans.) 

  • If you are living in a Bancroft, Grant, Sarasota, New Res Hall and Whittier studios/one bedrooms, you are not required to leave, but you are encouraged to vacate and go elsewhere if you can.  Please be advised that we cannot store nor hold your belongings as we are not requiring you to leave.

I want to reassure you that our sole purpose for taking these more difficult measures is to protect the health of every member of our TC community. Once this crisis has ended and the danger of increased exposure to the virus has passed, we look forward to having our community back on campus in full. 

If you have any questions, please reply to this email and I will work to get you connected to the best person who can help you. 



Tom Rock

Vice Provost for Student Affairs