We will continue to update this site with new COVID-19 policies and procedures and let a focus on the health, safety and well-being of our community guide all of our decision-making.

We thank all TC community members for their cooperation and commitment to following the policies detailed on this website. These policies are crucial to maintain as part of the College's plan to protect our campus and extended communities against the spread of COVID-19. 

Health Screening

Please note: All individuals are expected to comply with any COVID-19 policies and procedures that apply to them. Individuals who do not comply may be subject to disciplinary action, including being restricted from campus.

What You Need to Know

As of May 27, 2024

  • TC will no longer link any COVID-19 vaccination or testing requirements to campus access.
  • If you feel sick at any point during the semester, DO NOT COME TO CAMPUS. Please remain home until you are feeling well.
  • If you develop symptoms of COVID-19 at any point during the semester, DO NOT COME TO CAMPUS. Seek a rapid or PCR test 3-5 days after symptoms onset. If you test positive, complete the health screening form to report your results. If you test negative, you can return to campus once your symptoms resolve.
  • Once you have been infected with COVID-19, you may continue to test positive even after your infection has cleared. Please read further guidelines about this circumstance here.
  • TC strongly recommends community members get a flu shot and an additional COVID-19 booster, if you are eligible.

Campus Life During COVID-19

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COVID-19 Working Group

In spring 2020, President Bailey announced the formation of a working group charged with evaluating and putting forth recommendations on  campus health and safety measures in response to COVID-19. The working group’s analysis and recommendations are informed by state and local health and safety guidelines, and by the group’s collective knowledge of the distinct operations and needs of the Teachers College community.  

The College extends its gratitude to the members of the working group. Their dedication and commitment continue to make it possible for the College to operate safely on campus.


  • Lisa Seales, Vice President for Administration
  • Hank Perkowski, Vice President for Finance and Operations


  • Brian Alford, Assistant Vice President, Facilities
  • Daniel Aracena, Chief Information Officer
  • James Borland, Professor of Education
  • Yeremy Chavez, Director of Public Safety, Administration & Systems
  • John DeAngelis, Assistant Vice President, Public Safety & Environmental Health and Safety
  • Rob Graham, Director of Budget for Academic Affairs
  • Cherie Hargett, Manager, Human Resources Services
  • Patrick Mathelier, Director of Environmental Health & Safety
  • Megan Massaro, Registrar
  • Trish McNicholas, Executive Director, College Events
  • Janice Robinson, Vice President for Diversity and Community Affairs
  • Thomas Rock, Vice Provost for Student Affairs
  • Mary Rojas, Executive Administrator, Office of the Vice President for Finance and Operations 
  • Dewayne White, Executive Director of Residential Services, Dining and Card Services
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