Research Compliance and Safety

Research Compliance and Safety

Ethics & Safety Amid Uncertainty Training Modules

The Research Compliance and Safety Committee (RCSC) has developed these required training modules for researchers who plan to conduct in-person data collection activities.

We encourage researchers to prepare study materials, get trained, and submit an IRB protocol for review for in-person research. 

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The goal of the Research Compliance & Safety Committee is to harness content-specific expertise and establish an inter-departmental plan for in-person research ramp-up at Teachers College (TC) with sequential phases that permit occupancy and activities to be scaled depending on the scenario, personnel, and study site.

Each phase will be adaptable as appropriate for the circumstances pertaining to specific research groups and risk levels. The Research Compliance & Safety Committee will work closely with research labs, centers, and clinics to assess risk, support ramp-up activities (and possibly ramp-down plans), and provide timely and consistent communication.

Research Compliance & Safety Committee 

As the Teachers College Research Compliance & Safety Committee, we: 

  • Consider the safety and health of research participants as our main concern, including research subjects, investigators, staff, and students 
  • Remain accountable to the research community at Teachers College 
  • Keep open channels of communication to disseminate information in a timely and consistent manner
  • Develop guides, policies, and procedures with an eye to their feasibility and accessibility 
  • Strive to implement approaches that are fair and flexible
  • Remain responsive to the uncertainties inherent in the current situation and the need for guidance and clarity 
  • Make evidence-based and data-driven decisions, based on information from reputable, expert sources and from the needs and experiences of our researchers 
  • Operate on the tenets of the Belmont Report, instantiating respect, beneficence, and justice for all research subjects, investigators, staff, and students

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