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Changes are coming to myTC and Self-Service Banner

Starting in February we began phasing out the previous version of Self-Service Banner, the platform that provides a large part of the functionality in the myTC Portal. After each phase, some links and navigation in myTC will change, and certain functions will be available exclusively in the updated Self-Service Banner 9 (SSB9). To understand how the timeline for the phased rollout will affect you and to learn about how improvements to SSB9 will streamline your myTC Portal user experience, visit the SSB9 web page.

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Teachers College Information Technology (TCIT) is committed to providing effective technology support to the Teachers College community. 

Our core services include

  • Technology support via the Service Desk.
  • Classroom technology, video, and event support via Media Services.
  • Information Security to monitor, assess, and respond to threats against the college.
  • Enterprise Application management for the development, testing, support and operations of TC's application architecture.
  • Network Infrastructure Managment to support the storage, computing, server, cloud and WiFi needs of the college.
  • IT Project Management to provide staff, structure, and oversight to ensure projects are successful.

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