Dear Members of the TC Community,

As you know, the College announced that beginning January 4, 2021, a NEW COVID-19 gateway test was required for all students, faculty, staff, and affiliates accessing campus and other facilities. This includes essential staff and individuals who have visited campus throughout 2020 and who previously complied with the campus access requirements. The College will only accept the Molecular/PCR test to satisfy the COVID-19 testing requirements to enter campus.

Access to the campus via the Daily Health Screen questionnaire and TC ID card will only be permitted for those students, faculty, staff, and affiliates who submit a NEW test by January 25, 2021. For those who do not complete a new PCR test by January 25, campus access will be reinstated within 24 hours of submission of a gateway test. More information regarding campus access requirements, including completing a COVID-19 PCR test can be found on the TC COVID-19 webpage.

If you have not already done so, please schedule a test as soon as possible. To find a testing site near you visit or text COVID TEST to 855-48. For other testing locations in the tri-state area, visit TC’s COVID-19 Testing Procedures page. Testing is free of charge at New York State testing sites or covered by your health insurance provider if you have a physician’s referral, had exposure to COVID-19 or are exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms, or if a health screening determines you should be tested.

We rely on the participation of everyone who comes to campus to complete all of the required protocols for returning to campus safely. All of us at Teachers College—students, faculty, staff, and affiliates—must be committed and determined to do what we can to reduce and stop transmission of COVID-19 within and around the College community.

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Lisa Seales
Vice President for Administration