As a new semester begins and the leaves start to change, it’s no secret that fall is quite possibly one of our favorite seasons in New York City. Whether it’s a cozy stroll through Riverside Park or admiring the foliage around Russell Tower, here are some of our favorite fall moments around Morningside Heights:


1. An aerial view of Morningside Heights encompasses fall beauty from a unique perspective.

2. Russell Tower is complemented by hues of red and amber autumn leaves.

3. "Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower." - Albert Camus 

4. Leaf peeping looks extra spectacular in this Morningside Heights neighborhood snapshot.

5. Our Columbia furry friends are in the mix. This CU pup is most definitely fall-ready. 

6. Fall vibes on TC Way add an extra spooky twist to this quintessential campus photo. 

7. We can’t forget cozy Autumn moments like these in Riverside Park. 

8. 'Magical' is an understatement… agreed? Columbia’s main campus garnished in lights is certainly a sight to be seen.

9. Fall wouldn’t be complete without our annual TC-themed pumpkin. 

10. This colorful display of foliage in Riverside Park makes for the perfect city stroll. 

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