Teachers College ties for 1st overall as the nation’s top Graduate School of Education for 2023-2024 according to U.S. News & World Report, which released the list on April 25.

“This year's results reflect the progress and hard work of our entire community — our faculty, staff, students, alumni, Trustees, donors, friends and supporters — to build TC for the future and continue our pursuit of a smarter, healthier, more equitable world,” wrote President Thomas Bailey this morning. 

TC’s top place is a climb of six spots, rising from 7th last year. The College’s gains in research funding and public prominence were driving factors in this shift, in addition to how U.S. News & World Report adjusted its rankings methodology. Key updates in U.S. News’ methodology include:

  • Increased emphasis on total research expenditures and funded research per faculty member
  • Increased emphasis on faculty resources, including the number of degrees granted, student-faculty ratios, faculty honors and more
  • Statistical methods to account for data outliers related to institutional size
  • Reduced emphasis on quality assessment from peers and experts, as well as on student selectivity 

The College’s progress in the area of research was particularly important to this achievement. TC ranked second in total research expenditures ($65.2 million) among the top ten ranked schools, and increased its funded research per faculty member, a product of the College’s concerted efforts to strengthen research funding and practices at TC. Simultaneously, nine of TC’s specialty areas were ranked this year — with six of them in the top 10 and the remaining top 15 — and overall, the College ranked second in peer and expert assessment. 

In his notes to the community, President Bailey acknowledged the “complicated and controversial nature” of the annual U.S. News rankings.  “It is notable,” he wrote, “and cause for celebration — however, that this year’s results reflect the impact of our hard work and focus on our strategic priorities, particularly in the area of research.”

Under the leadership of Vice Dean for Research Carol Hammer and her team, Research@TC houses the College’s stronger infrastructure to support all members of our faculty in winning research grants. These extensive research efforts serve to bolster the College’s reputation as well as to attract top students, faculty and staff to TC. In addition to these victories in research, cultivating student pathways and elevating the work of faculty, the dedication of the entire TC community has contributed to this milestone. 

“I am pleased with our progress and remain confident that with our dedicated pursuit of TC’s strategic priorities, will continue to advance TC as an institution through the measures of success we have experienced this year,” President Bailey wrote. “I look forward to continuing our efforts together.”