Master of Arts in TESOL - Summer Hybrid

We offer a summer-hybrid version of our 36-point Master of Arts degree in TESOL (general track), which allows students to complete the course work mostly online in addition to on-campus courses in Summer B (July-mid August) across two summers.


NOTE: Due to the AL/TESOL Hybrid program structure, admitted students are not eligible for F-1 status and cannot be issued a Form I-20. For additional information on enrollment requirements for F-1 students, visit the OISS website.

A student is engaged in conversation with one her peers at a study group at Teachers College.

Admissions Information

Master of Arts

  • Points/Credits: 36
  • Entry Terms: Summer Only

Application Deadlines

  • Spring: N/A
  • Summer/Fall (Priority): January 15
  • Summer/Fall (Final): April 15

Supplemental Application Requirements/Comments

Requirements from the TC Catalog

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The Applied Linguistics and TESOL Program offers a Master of Arts degree with the following tracks: Applied Linguistics, TESOL General, TESOL PreK-12 with Initial Certification, and TESOL PreK-12 with Transitional-B Certification. 

Students earning the Masters of Arts degree have five types of requirements: (1) general courses,(2) track-specific courses, (3) elective courses within AL and TESOL, and (4) out-of-program breadth courses, and (5) an exit project. All course decisions must be made in consultation with the student's assigned faculty advisor. Below are the track descriptions for the MA in TESOL (Hybrid): 


General Courses (15 points)

  • A&HL 4000: Educational linguistics (3)

  • A&HL 4085: Pedagogical English grammar (3)

  • A&HL 4087: Introduction to second language acquisition (3)

  • A&HL 4088: Second language assessment (3)

  • One language use course from the list below (for AL and TESOL General only):

  • A&HL 4001: Sociolinguistics and education (3)

  • A&HL 4104: Discourse analysis (3)

  • A&HL 4105: Conversation analysis (3)

  • A&HL 4106: Text and textuality (3)


Track-Specific Courses for the MA in TESOL (9 points) 

  • A&HL 4077: TESOL classroom practices (3)

  • A&HL 5301: Practicum I: Integrated skills (3)

  • One course from the following:

  • A&HL 6301: Practicum II: Listening (3)

  • A&HL 6302: Practicum II: Speaking (3)

  • A&HL 6303: Practicum II: Reading (3)

  • A&HL 6304: Practicum II: Writing (3)

Elective Courses (6 points)

Elective courses in Applied Linguistics and TESOL (6 points):

  • A&HL 4101: Phonetics and phonology (3)

  • A&HL 5085: Advanced syntax (3)

  • A&HL 4001: Sociolinguistics and education (3)

  • A&HL 4104: Discourse analysis (3)

  • A&HL 4105: Conversation analysis (3)

  • A&HL 4106: Text and textuality (3)

  • A&HL 5020: Interactional sociolinguistics (3)

  • A&HL 5105: Classroom discourse (3)

  • A&HL 5106: Language socialization (3)

  • A&HL 6031: Advanced conversation analysis (3)

  • A&HL 4089: Teaching writing to ESL students (3)

  • A&HL 4090: Introduction to Corpus Linguistics (3)

  • A&HL 5011: Technology-based language teaching and material design (3)

  • A&HL 6097: Task-based language teaching  (3)

  • A&HL 5008: Interlanguage analysis (3)

  • A&HL 5087: SLA in the classroom (3)

  • A&HL 5090: Computational Linguistics for Applied Linguists (3)

  • A&HL 6087: Advanced second language acquisition (3)

  • A&HL 5199: Topics in language assessment (3)

  • A&HL 5512: Historical perspectives on language testing research (3)

  • A&HL 5519: Instructed second language acquisition and assessment (3)

  • A&HL 6000: Second language test validation (3)

  • A&HL 6040: Classroom-based language assessment (3)

  • A&HL 6060: Generalizability theory for second language assessment research (3)

  • A&HL 6089: Second language performance assessment (3)

  • Courses can be taken at an affiliate campus in the Columbia community with advisor’s approval.


Breadth Out-of-Program Courses (6 points)

Must be chosen with advisor’s written approval.


Exit Project:

  • In addition to course requirements, students must complete a Master’s project written on a research topic arising from their course-related interests and subject to approval by their assigned advisor. This project can be a review of literature on a scholarly topic or a practice motivated review of literature. It is normally completed during the last semester of study. For more information, click here


Below is the specific course sequence for the MA in TESOL General (Hybrid):

1st Summer (12 credits) (Hybrid)


Course #


Educational Linguistics (A) (online)

A&HL 4000


TESOL Classroom Practices (A) (online)


A&HL 4077


Pedagogical English Grammar (B) (in person)

A&HL 4085


Practicum I: Integrated Skills (B) (in person)

A&HL 5301



Fall Courses (6 credits) (Online)

Breadth Course 1 (see below)



Intro to Second Language Acquisition

A&HL 4087


Note: Breadth courses are classes offered outside of AL/TESOL; Electives are AL/TESOL courses

Spring Courses (6 credits) (Online)

Breadth Course 2 (see below)



Elective 1 (online)

A&HL ____


2nd Summer Courses (12 credits) (Hybrid)

Course in Language Use (A) (online)

A&HL ___


Elective 2 (A) (online)



Practicum II (B) (in person)

A&HL 6301 or 6304


Suggested Online Breadth Courses


HUDK4029 Cognition and Learning

HUDK4080 Education Psychology

HUDK5023 Cognitive Development

HUDK5035 Psychology of Media

HUDM4120 Basic Concepts in Statistics

MSTU5025 Research Technology in Educational Environment

MSTU5555 Technology and Emergent Global Curriculum

ORLD4827 Fostering Transformative Learning


MSTU4010 Theories of Communication

MSTU4016 The History of Communication

MSTU4050 Online Schools and Online Schooling in K-12

MSTU4052 Computer Problem Solving and Cooperative Learning

MSTU4141 Social Media and Learning

MSTU5002 Culture, Media, and Education

Fall and Spring

HUDM4122 Probability and Statistical Inference

HUDM5122 Applied Regression Analysis

ORLD5063 Online Teaching and Learning: Adult Learning

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