The Macy Art Gallery

The Macy Art Gallery


Our space is closed under further notice. Visit our online gallery here.

The Macy Art Gallery is one of the last spaces at Teachers College still in its original use. The Gallery presents a wide range of exhibitions by national and international artists, graduate students, faculty members and alumni, as well as the finest examples of artworks by children of all ages. The year-round exhibition schedule reflects the commitment of Teachers College to cultural diversity in education and the visual arts.



2019-2020 Exhibitions2019-2020 Exhibitions

2019-2020 Exhibitions

2019-2020 exhibitions at Macy Art Gallery include: Ancient Mirrors, Unsilencing Art Myers Prize, The Macy Gallery Conversations: A Dialogue Between Teachers and Students in the Classroom, Shaping Priorities: The Arts and Community Engagement, Tran/Po-sition, Cellblock Visions: Set Free in the Penitentiary.

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2018-2019 Exhibitions 2018-2019 Exhibitions

2018-2019 Exhibitions

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2017-2018 Exhibitions2017-2018 Exhibitions

2017-2018 Exhibitions

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2016-2017 Exhibitions

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