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A&HG 4013 Cultural Policy

A seminar covering historical and contemporary issues in arts policy focused on moments of economic, political, and social conflict and consensus.

A&HG 4171 History and Theory of Arts Administration

AADM majors only. Overview of the history of the arts and arts organizations in America; major theories of art's production and consumption; and the development of arts administration as a field.

A&HG 4174 Law and the Arts

Permission required for non-AADM majors. Principal artistic applications of U.S. law in areas drawn from copyright law, unfair competition and trademark law, misappropriation, First Amendment questions, miscellaneous torts including rights of privacy and publicity, defamation, interference with contract, and other problems relating to authenticity of art works.

A&HG 4176 Fundraising

Permission from professor required for non-AADM majors. An overview of current thinking in the field on finding support and generating funds for cultural initiatives including traditional and non-traditional approaches, funding trend analysis and research, and social entrepreneurship and revenue generation.

A&HG 4178 Marketing for the Arts, Entertainment & Culture

Permission required from instructor for non-AADM majors. This course encompasses a focus on both for and not for profit organizations. It covers the diverse fields of commercial entertainment and visual arts, nonprofit performing and visual arts, as well as service and trade-related organizations in the cultural arts realm.

A&HG 4182 Cultural Data and Analysis

AADM majors only. This course explores research design, ethics, data collection and analysis as they are employed in arts administrative contexts and relevant to arts administration capstone requirements.

A&HG 4370 Practicum in Arts Administration

Permission required. This is a required course that offers professional development sessions and in which students read and critique research and reports on the state of the field, and practices within it. This course must be completed prior to the required internship.

A&HG 4470 Internship in Arts Administration

Permission required. Internship arranged with host institutions on an individual basis, taking into account the student’s needs, interests, and capacities and the host’s abilities to integrate those with its operation in an educationally useful manner. Minimum 75 hours. Pre-requisite: Practicum in Arts Administration.

A&HG 4575 Capstone Seminar in Arts Administration

AADM majors only. Guided independent work culminating in a draft of the capstone project report. Prerequisite: Cultural Data & Analysis.

A&HG 4970 Supervised individual research in arts administration

Permission from the Program Director required. Independent research in arts administration.

A&HG 5172 Contemporary Issues in Arts Administration

Contemporary issues within arts administration. Topics evolve with the field but can include debates over deaccessioning art, the importance of new markets like China, etc.

A&HG 5175 Entrepreneurship in the Arts

Permission from professor required for non-AADM majors. Designed to integrate arts administration course-work from business, law, and the arts. Moves from the financial, cultural, political environment to strategic planning tools to specific arts situations in the creation and implementation of planning objectives.

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