TESOL Certificate program Alumni

TESOL Certificate Program graduates go on to find work as varied as their backgrounds. Some travel and teach overseas, while others find work in non-profit English programs and for-profit language schools here in the United States. Most of our graduates work with adult learners, but some (particularly those who teach abroad) also teach children. Graduates with a background in another professional field often combine their newly acquired teaching skills with their prior professional experience. For instance, alumni with a business background might go on to teach English to executives. Graduates with Master's degrees in related areas (language, education, etc.) and prior teaching experience often find work in community colleges in the U.S. and in universities abroad.


TCP Alumni Demographics



Meet Our Alumni

John Dundon, Summer 2016 TCP Alum

John Dundon Feature Card Image

Payungsak Kaenchan, Summer 2016 TCP Alum

Payungsak Kaenchan Feature Card Image

Ji Hee Ahn, Fall 2018/Spring2019 Alumna

Greg, Summer 2019 TCP Alum

Vishal Persaud, Fall 2019/Spring 2020 Alum

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