Careers and Development

Careers and Professional Development

 ESL/EFL Employment Opportunities  

Upon completion of the TESOL Certificate Program, students choose to attend a graduate program or look for ESL/EFL employment at home or abroad. Many of them with little or no previous teaching experience decide to volunteer for a few semesters or tutor privately. The majority of the TCP alumni are able to find employment right after they obtain the TESOL Certificate.

 According to a recent survey, TESOL Certificate Program alumni have been employed or volunteer at a wide range of organizations, such as:

  1. Community Impact at Columbia University
  2. New York City Library ESL programs
  3. Community colleges
  4. Literacy assistance centers
  5. Adult education centers
  6. Private language schools
  7. Kaplan Services
  8. International schools
  9. Various EFL programs abroad 

TESOL Certificate Program: Life Changers

Professional Growth Opportunities 

To help students achieve their goals, the TESOL Certificate Program offers several career development events and resources, including an all-day career planning workshop and membership to a TESOL jobs listserv for domestic and international employment opportunities.

Other career and professional development opportunities include:

  1. Post-Certificate Teaching Associate Position in the Community Language Program (CLP)
  2. TESOL Workshops
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