Post-Certificate Teaching Associate

Post-Certificate Teaching Associate Position in the Community Language Program (CLP)

Starting with the 2018 TESOL Certificate Program (TCP) cohort, 1-2 Post-Certificate Teaching Associate (PCTA) positions will be granted to eligible TCP graduates. These are guided, one-semester teaching positions in the CLP with advisement from a senior teacher. This competitive teaching opportunity is intended to enhance teaching experience for TCP graduates and is supplemented by a stipend. Upon successful completion and based on senior teacher evaluation and student feedback, this candidate will be considered for a CLP teaching position in subsequent terms. 


The candidate must have:

Outstanding academic record in all TCP courses
A grade of A on the TCP Final Reflection Paper
Strong recommendations from his/her Classroom Practices course instructor and Teaching Mentor
Be able to commit to teaching one 60-hour ESL course or 30-hour Special ESL course

* The applicant must show proof of eligibility to work in the US and/or must be an F1 international visa holder, studying full-time at Teachers College.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does "guided teaching" look like?

The TCP graduate teacher will be supervised individually by a senior teacher who will meet with the TCP graduate teacher to plan each individual unit. The senior teacher will not be observing every class but there will be several rounds of observations, as necessary.

Are there any mandatory meetings in addition to the teaching time?

Yes. In addition to meeting with the senior teacher, TCP graduate teacher is expected to meet with the level coordinator and fellow level teachers every week for one hour outside of regular class time. During this meeting, the level coordinator will share program and admin updates and provide additional support on lesson planning and classroom management. TCP graduate teacher is also required to attend teacher orientation and CLP Student Days.

Who are the senior teachers?

Senior teachers are experienced ESL/EFL teachers.

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