Welcome to the Programs in Movement Science and Education and Kinesiology

The Movement Science and Education/Kinesiology program at Teachers College, Columbia University has a long tradition of excellence. We were the first program in the United States to offer both the master's and doctoral degree in this field and for over a century have been a leader in graduate education.  Since the inception of Teachers College as a premiere graduate school of education, psychology and health, we have been a pioneer in research and application related to physical education, exercise and physical activity. Our doctoral programs in Movement Sciences and Education and Kinesiology are among the best in the nation. The program offers specializations in Applied (Exercise) Physiology and Motor Learning and Control.

We are very unique in that we approach the study of movement from a multi-disciplinary perspective. There is an emphasis on the scientific and theoretical core of physiology, behavioral science, neural bases of movement control, pedagogy. The program’s focus is on the practical applications of science and theory in the laboratory, clinic, school and community.

At the Master's level, we offer two areas of concentration:  Applied (Exercise) Physiology and Motor learning and control.  At the Doctoral level, we offer a Ph.D. in Kinesiology and four concentrations within our EdD in Movement Science: Applied Exercise Physiology, Motor Learning and Control, Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy. 

Each of these Movement Science and Education specialties has five components:

  1. Substantive study of theory and research as embodied in lecture and laboratory courses.

  2. Development of clinical or educational skills in laboratory and fieldwork courses.

  3. Research training to enable students to read and interpret original research and to carry out educational, clinical, or laboratory research.

  4. Seminars to discuss theory and research, identification of research problems, and clinical/educational applications.

  5. Elective courses to meet specific student needs which may be taken throughout the College and University in such areas as Anatomy, Biology, Business, Chemistry, Computer Science, Health Education, Higher and Adult Education, Neurosciences, Nutrition, Physiology, Psychology, Public Health, and Science Education. A list of recommended elective and related courses is available to students in the Movement Science office. At least two courses (for a total of at least 6 points) outside of the program area are required.

Visit Admissions to request program information. You can send specific program questions to movementscience@tc.columbia.edu.

General Admissions Requirements

See the Teachers College Admissions website for detailed program admissions and financial aid requirements and deadlines. Information for International students may be found at the Office of International Student Services.

Applicants for the M.A., Ed.M. and Ed.D. degrees are reviewed on an ongoing basis throughout the academic year. However, consideration for general and diversity awards is given to those applicants who meet the early application deadlines. See the Office of Admissions webpages for further information. Prior to formal admission, enrollment in up to 8 points of study as a non-matriculated student is permitted. Applicants for the Ph.D. in Kinesiology are reviewed once a year subsequent to posted application deadline. 

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