Volume 15, Issue 1

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Current Issues in Comparative Education

Volume 15, Issue 1

Volume 15, Issue 1
Fall 2012
ISSN 1523-1615

Education in Small States: Fragilities, Vulnerabilities, and Strengths

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Editorial Introduction

Re-reading the Anamorphosis of Educational Fragility, Vulnerability, and Strength in Small States
Tavis D. Jules, Special Guest Editor

Invited Articles: Re-conceptualizing and Re-reading Educational Developments in Small States

Meeting the Tests of Time: Small States in the 21st Century
Godfrey Baldacchino

Learning from Small States for Post-2015 Educational and International Development
Michael Crossley and Terra Sprague

Fragility in Small States: A Community-based Perspective

A Broader Definition of Fragility: The Communities and Schools of Brazil'sFavelas
Rolf Straubhaar

How to Make the Small Indigenous Cultures Bloom? Special Traits of Sámi Pedagogy in Finland
Pigga Keskitalo, Satu Uusiautti, and Kaarina Määttä 

Vulnerability in Small States: An Institutional Perspective on Small Jurisdiction and Small Assemblages

Explaining Whole System Reform in Small States: The Case of Trinidad and Tobago Secondary Education Modernization Program
Jerome De Lisle

Small States and Big Institutions: USAID and Education Policy Formation in El Salvador
D. Brent Edwards Jr. 

Education Reform in Small States: A Comparative Perspective

Small State, Large World, Global University? Comparing Ascendant National Universities in Luxembourg and Qatar
Justin J.W. Powell

Overcoming Smallness through Education Development: A Comparative Analysis of Jamaica and Singapore
Richard O. Welsh

Internationalization of Higher Education in Post-Soviet Small States: Realities and Perspectives of Moldova
Valentyna Kushnarenko and Ludmila Cojocari 

Case Studies of Educational Reform in Small States: A Cultural Perspective

Inclusive Education in Bhutan: A Small State with Alternative Priorities
Matthew J. Schuelka

Building on Living Traditions: Early Childhood Education and Culture in Solomon Islands
Lindsay J. Burton

Book Reviews

Fragile States, by Lohar Brock, Hans-Henrick Holm, Georg Sørensen and Michael Stohl
Reviewed by Hakim Mohandas Amani Williams

Citizenship Education in Commonwealth Countries, by Tristan McCowan and Sonia Gomez
Reviewed by Beth Wright

Education in Small States: Global Imperatives, Regional Initiatives, and Local Dilemmas, edited by Peter Mayo
Reviewed by Janice B. Fournillier

Island Enclaves: Offshoring, Creative Governance, and Subnational Island Jurisdictions, by Godfrey Baldacchino
Reviewed by Katherine G. Sammler

Enhancing Professional Practice: A Framework for Teaching, by Charlotte Danielson, 
Education in Small States: Policies and Priorities, by Michael Crossley, Mark Bray, and Steve Packer

Reviewed by Bradley A. Kirshenbaum

Neither World Polity Nor Local or National Society: Regionalization in the Global South - The Carribean Community, by Tavis D. Jules
Reviewed by Landis G. Fryer

Tertiary Education in Small States: Planning in the Context of Globalization, edited by Michaela Martin and Mark Bray
Reviewed by Sophia Rodriguez