Coaching Process

Coach Foundations: Coaching Process

The Columbia Coaching Certification Program (3CP) frames coaching as a process of learning, development and human performance. Our program employs a strategic learning process that focuses on individual and organizational change, growth and renewal. Our coaching framework consists of 3 strategic learning capabilities that parallel the 3 phases of coaching, each guided by essential questions:


Columbia’s 3-Phase Coaching Process:

  1. Achieving & Sustaining Contextual Awareness (What’s going on?);
  2. Creating Conceptual Clarity (What really matters?); and
  3. Taking Informed Action (How to get there from here?)…

… or the 3 Cs (i.e., Context, Content and Conduct).

3CP is theoretically grounded in the Science of Human Performance, which states that understanding any form of human performance, and related interactions, is a function of the context (i.e., structuralism and constructivist philosophical orientation), content (i.e., phenomenology), and conduct (i.e., behavioralism).

3CP is a multidisciplinary approach to coaching with an emphasis on integrating theory with practice. It draws many theories from the behavioral sciences including adult learning and development, psychology, management education, and communication.

Phases and Components of The Columbia Coaching Process, like all three foundations, have been mapped to select ICF Core Competencies, as graphically displayed below:


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