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July 22, 2016 - July 22, 2016

You may find Journal by placing the mouse on the Content tab (top menu). Now click on Journal.

The Journal can be used to record your thoughts online. You can share it with other users for feedback. Per default, every user has one journal available. 

 ‌Single Journal

To add a new entry, click on  + New entry. Click on Settings (next to New Entry) to change the name of your journal and to add a description.


Multiple Journals

Users can have multiple journals by going to your account Settings. On the top right of the page, find and click on the Settings link.

Account Settings


On this page, look for the following setting:

Setting for Multiple Journals

To turn this setting on, click on No to turn it on. Once you are done, click on Save.


Now, when you go back to Journal, you will see the option to create more journals.

Multiple Journals