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Computing and Information Services (CIS)

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July 21, 2016 - July 21, 2016

You may find Pages by placing the mouse on the Portfolio tab (top menu). Now click on Pages.

A page contains a selection of information in which you can arrange and present to others. These may include:

  • selected files
  • résumé details
  • text 
  • journal posts
  • video and audio files
  • RSS feed to an external blog
  • Google Documents

 When you click on Pages, you are able to edit your profile & dashboard pages.



Create New Page

When you click on +Create page, you will see the following:

Edit Title and Description

Note: if you click on Save, you will be taken to Edit Content. You can save at any time and return to change any settings. 

Choose Skin

Click on the Choose a skin tab to choose a skin (page theme) from the ones that you have created or added to your skin collection.

Edit layout

Now, click on the Edit layout tab. On this page, you can customize the look of your page.

Edit Layout

If you wish to have more complicated page layouts, you can choose those by clicking on Advanced options. If you don’t like any of the built-in layouts, you can create your own by clicking on Create custom layout

When you click on the Create custom layout panel, you will have the option to choose:

  • the number of columns you want;
  • the width of each column;
  • the number of rows

Click the Create new layout button to generate your new page layout. You new layout will be saved in the Advanced options, and you can reuse it as much as you wish. Click the Save button to go to the content editor.

Custom Layout

Edit Content 

Note: All content is placed into it by dragging and dropping their blocks into this space.

Content Editor

  1. Text & Image blocks: these blocks can be used to add text or image directly on the page. 
  2. Other types of content can accessed like:
    1. Media: holds blocks for files that can be displayed as links, in folders or in the case of images and videos directly in the page
    2. Journals: allows users to place journals / journal entries into a page
    3. General: content like plans, comments, and notes can be displayed on the page. New notes can be created.
    4. Personal info: choose profile information or your résumé to display in a block
    5. External: place RSS feeds, external media or GoogleApps documents etc. into a page
  3. Theme:  Various themes can be selected


Copy a Page

You can either copy a collection (by click on Copy collection) or page (by clicking on the pages icon).


Copy Page or Collection