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Shared by Me

July 21, 2016 - July 21, 2016

You may find Shared By Me by placing the mouse on the Group tab (top menu). Now click on Shared By Me.

When you have created pages and collections, you have the option to share them with others. ‌To see your pages, click on Pages (next to Collections). You can set the access permissions via the edit access button or set up a secret URL.

Edit Access & Secret URL Icons

Shared by me

The Access List shows who has access to your collection or pages.

Click on the lock icon under Edit Access, next to the page or collection you will like to change access. You see the collection or page displayed. You can add more pages by searching for them in the select box if you want to give other pages the same sharing permissions.

Edit Access


Click on the Shared with dropdown menu, to access the following options:

Share with dropdown menu


Select the person or group you would like to share your collection or page with.  You can control who has access to your pages and collections. By default, only you can see your pages and collections. You can share your portfolios with the public, registered users, your institution(s), groups, or your friends. You can assign access to individual groups or users by using the options under "Share with" → "Search for...". Access dates can be set, allowing you to make your page available for a specified period such as a course year, a project timeline, or even for one day only. All dates are optional. Individual users can be granted access by multiple access rules.

Also, click on Advanced option to access the following settings:


Edit Access - Advanced Options

Click on the Earth icon under Secret URLS, next to the page or collection you will like to create a secret URL. 

If you do not want everyone to be able to see your page, but you would like to show it to a few people who are not registered on this site, then you can make your page visible to the public through a special link.  To create a new URL, click on the New screet URL button.

Secret URLS