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Add Assignment

August 2, 2016 - August 2, 2016

Step 1: Turn editing on

Turn Editing Moodle on

Step 2: Click on Add an activity or resource

Add an Activity

Step 3: Select Assignment, under Activities (read text at left for more detailed description)

Add an assignment

Decide on the type of assignment: requires - (1) uploading one or multiple documents, (2) typing in text, (3) working offline.

Under General, enter Assignment name; Description (optional).

Add an assignment - general

Under Availability, the default setting is for the assignment to be available for student submissions for 1 week. Adjust the Allow submission from and Due date or uncheck Enable.

Add an assignment - Availability

Under Submission types, the default setting is File submissions. Change to Online text, if applicable. Students are able to submit Mahara pages for assessment in Moodle.
If File submissions is the chosen type, change Maximum number of uploaded files from 1, if required, up to 20. Default Maximum submission size is 1MB and can be changed to up to 18MB.

Submission Types


Under Feedback types choose Feedback comments (leave feedback comments for each submission) or Feedback files (upload files with feedback) if you want to be able to give feedback on assignments.

Use Comment Inline for Feedback comments to comment inline (using a different color, perhaps) or to edit the original text.

Feedback Types

Under Submission settings change Require students click submit button to YES if you want students to submit a FINAL submission that cannot be altered.

Add an assignment - Submission settings

Under Grade the default is a Type: Point with Maximum points: 100


To activate Groups, under Common module settings, choose Separate or Visible groups under Group mode and a Grouping you identified under Grouping

under Restrict access choose Add restriction, choose Group, choose appropriate Group name

Common module / Restrict access

Now click on Save and return to course.


Click on the assignment in Moodle.

Download assignment

The Grading summary tells you how many students for this assignment (Participants) and how many have Submitted.
Click View/grade all submissions to view your students' submissions.

Grading summary

Note student's name and scroll to the right to see their submission with the date and time submitted.

View submissions

Click to download.