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Computing and Information Services (CIS)

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August 2, 2016 - August 2, 2016

If you need to add some text in each section of your course, you will need to add a LABEL

To add a label into your course outline:

Step 1: Click on Turn editing on

Turn Editing Moodle on


Step 2: Go to the section in your course and click on "Add an activity or resource

Add an Activity

Step 3: Select Label under Resources

Add a label

Step 4: Add the text of the label in the window. Edit text (color, size) using available options.

Step 5: Click the Common module settings arrow to modify label settings. Make sure the Visible option is set to Show.

Add Label

Step 6: Click on  'Save and return to course'.

Save and Return to Course

The Label will be automatically displayed in your section . To modify the location of the label within the section, use the move left/rightkeys under Edit. To edit label use Edit settings. Also delete, hide/show, duplicate.

Label added