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Add a Wiki

August 3, 2016 - August 3, 2016

Step 1: Click on the "Turn editing on" button.

Turn Editing Moodle on

Step 2: Select "Wiki" from the Add an activity drop down menu.

Activity - add a wiki

Step 3: Enter the title of the Wiki in the Wiki name text box. Enter the Description in the appropriate text box. Edit it with tools available.

Add a Wiki - General

Step 4: Enter the First page name and then format the Wiki using the options available. Click on the question mark for a description of the option.

Wiki - First Name, Format

Step 5: Click on Save and Display to view complete Wiki.


Step 1: Select HTML format and click on Create page.


Wiki - new page


Step 2: To edit the Wiki, click on the Edit option and enter text to comment. Click on Save to confirm entry.

Edit wiki page

Step 3: To edit further click on the Edit option. Add to page's content or add new page by putting page name within brackets [[ ]].


Edit wiki page

Step 4: Once saved, page under Edit option will now have links to the new pages.


Wiki - new page added

Step 5: To view history of changes select the History option.

Wiki - History

Step 6: To compare changes, click on Compare selected after choosing two comments to compare.

Wiki - Compare history


Step 7: Changes are viewed in different colors and labeled as Version 1 and Version 2 along with details of when the changes were made and by whom.

Wiki - History compared

Return to course when settings are complete.