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Create Groups

August 2, 2016 - August 2, 2016

In Moodle you need to create a GROUP if independent groups are working on a similar assignment. For example, if all students in the class are working on the same paper topic, but they are allowed to work in groups, then you would create GROUPS.To assign different assignments to separate groups, you must use the GROUPINGS function (see below). For example, if different groups are working on different paper topics, you would create a GROUPING.

Create Groups

Step 1: In the Administration block on the left side of the page, click on "Users" to open the drop down list. Next, click on "Groups".

Administration - Groups

Step 2: The easiest method is to Auto-create groups. Decide number of groups or members per group. Then name the groups using @ to create names with words or # to create names with numbers. For example, I could choose Group @, which would name the groups: Group A, Group B, and Group C. Preview to see how the groups were made. Then Save changes.


Auto-create groups


Step 3: You will be taken back to the groups page. If you click on the group name in the left column so that it is highlighted in blue, you will see the name of all the individuals that you added to the group in the right column. The group is now created.


Group members


Assign the Same Assignment to Different Groups

When you are creating or editing an assignment, under the assignment options, scroll down to the middle of the page to the "Common Module Settings" box.


Common Module Settings - Group


You will have the option to create "Separate" or "Visible" groups under the "Group Mode" drop-down menu. The different options do the following:

Separate groups - Each group member can only see their own group, others are invisible
Visible groups - Each group member works in their own group, but can also see other groups

Remember to click on Save and return to course.

Create Groupings

A grouping is a collection of groups. It can be thought of as a broader category of groups. Groups normally exist within a grouping, but it is possible to create a group which doesn't belong to any grouping.

If you have several groups and want to make a specific activity only visible to one of the groups you need to use GROUPINGS

Create a group

Step 1. Click on the "Groupings" tab at the top of the groups page. Then click "Create grouping" at bottom of the page.


Create a group


Step 2. Give the grouping a name and click on "Save changes". This will take you back to the Groupings page.

Step 3. Click on the icon with people under the edit column to add users to the grouping.

Step 4. From the add/remove users page, you will be able to add one or more groups to the Grouping. Click on a group name so that it highlighted in blue, then click on "add."

Add groups to grouping

Assign an assignment to Different Groups

Under Restrict access on the edit assignment page, Click on the group you would like to have work on the assignment, and check Add Restrictions (green). Choose Group to allow only students who belong to the specified group.

Restrict Access - Group

Restriction - Group


Make sure to Save changes when finished.