How to Change Groups

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How to Change Groups

August 2, 2016 - August 2, 2016

You may wish to have students be in different groups throughout the semester. To do so, you need to create groups within a grouping.

**Note - If you do not use groupings, each time you create new groups, assignments will be split up among all the groups. So if you create 3 groups for one assignment and then create 3 new groups for another assignment, the new assignment will actually be assigned to all 6 groups. If you delete the old groups, the students will no longer see any of the work that they created in that group. If you wish to change groups throughout the semester, you must organize the groups in groupings. This page describes how to do so.

1. Under Administration > Users, click on "Groups."


Administration - Groups


2. Click on "Auto-create Groups."

Auto-create groups


3. Specify either how many groups or how many people per group.


Auto-create group - settings


4. Select "New Grouping" from the drop-down and give your grouping the name of the assignment or week.


5. Click "Submit."


6. To let students know who is in each group, click on the "Overview" tab.


Overview tab


7. Select and copy the group member information.


Group members


8. Create an Assignment for the group. Paste the group table into the Assignment you create.


9. In the assignment setup, under Common module settings, click on the Grouping drop down menu and select the name of the grouping you created (e.g. Assignment 1). If you select none, the assignment will be split among all the groups you created and students may belong to multiple groups.


Grouping setting