Share Files (Database)

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Share Files (Database)

August 3, 2016 - August 3, 2016


If you would like students to collaborate and share their files you need to add a DATABASE.


Step 1: When in your Moodle course, first click on Turn editing.


Turn Editing Moodle on

Step 2: In your Topic/Weekly section click on Add an activity or resource and select Database.


Activity - Database


Step 3: Add a Name for your database (Sample Syllabi) and a Description (Here is where you can upload a syllabus you have used before. We can all see each other's examples.) in the appropriate fields.


Database - General


Step 4: Under Availability, you can select when you want this assignment to be visible to your students (this is optional). Click on Enable next to the fields you want to enable. Available means your students will be able to see and complete the assignment; Read onlymeans your students will only be able to see the assignment.


Database - Availability


Step 5: Scroll down and click on Save and return to course. 


Step 6: The database will display "There are no fields defined for this database." You will need to add a form so students can actually upload the items you want them to share. Click on Choose... under Create a new field. Select the type you would like students to share in the database. In this example, though, we will be creating a database for Fileuploading (though there are other options).


Database - Create field


Step 7: Put in a Field name (e.g., "Your Syllabus") and a Field description (e.g., "The syllabus you will be sharing with the rest of the class), select a Maximum size, then click on Add.


Database - File Field


Step 8: Moodle will now take you to your database again. Click on the Templates tab at the top (you should currently be in Fields).


Database - Template tab


Step 9: Click on List template, this will ensure that when you view the database, you will see in a list all of the things uploaded by students. Scroll down and click on Save template.


Database - List template