Adding a New Person to Your Course

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Add a New Person to your Course

August 2, 2016 - August 2, 2016

To add a course assistant

*IMPORTANT: Please be advised that CAs should be added by contacting the respective departmental secretary. Adding a course assistant manually is discouraged. Instructors need to send the course assistant's name, UNI and the course information to their department secretary who will then send the requests to the Registrar.

To add a student

*IMPORTANT: Please be advised that it is encouraged that students be added through the Registrar.

Instructors must send the student's name, UNI and course information to their department secretary. The course secretary will send the request to the Registrar, and students will be added into the course through Banner (LDAP). Manually adding students may not only cause potential problems in the system, but they may possibly not have access to all features.

To add a guest (non-TC student)

Instructors need to contact their tech-fellow who will follow up with the request

To manually add a student or Tech Fellow

*IMPORTANT: Please be advised that it is encouraged that students be added through the registrar. Following this way the student will have all the permissions to TCApps in place

Step 1: Click Enrolled Users under Users, under Course Administration in the Administration panel

Enrolled Users
Step 2: Click Enroll Users at the upper right corner
Enroll Users
Step 3: Search for a student or a tech fellow with his/her UNI; if that is unsuccessful, search by their first and/or last name

Search Users
Step 4: Assign roles. You can assign various roles to manual enrolls
Enroll as

Step 5: Select Enroll next to the name you want to enroll

Step 6. Click Finish enrolling users

Finish Enrolling

You will now see the new user listed alphabetically in the list below.