Course Migration

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Course Migration

July 14, 2016 - July 14, 2016

IMPORTANT: When you are trying to migrate an old course into a new one, make sure you are in the new course and start from there. You may lose all the information of the old course if you do the course migration the other way around. 
Click on Turn editing on (upper right)                           

Turn Editing Moodle on

1. Select Course Migration from the drop-down menu of Add a block (lower left).

Add a Block

2. In the Course Migration block you created (lower left), click on Import in to 'THE COURSE NAME'.

Course Migration ‌‌‌

3. Select your old course from a list of courses.  If your course does not appear, type the course name or part of it in the Search box at the bottom of the list.  Please note: The course short name does not have spaces (e.g., HBSE4021).

Select a Course

4. Submit course migration on the next page.  Migration completion time may vary, please be patient.
****To migrate only specific parts of a previous course use the Import feature under Administration.  Choose the course, then choose specific Moodle parts. ****