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Student Roster

August 2, 2016 - August 2, 2016

How to View Your Students Roster

Step 1: In your course, look to the left for the Navigation menu. Under Current Courses > Your Course Number, click on Participants.

 Navigation Panel - Partcipants
Step 2: You will see the student roster. You can order the list (alphabetically or reverse alphabetically, by first or last name; by location; by last accessed) or only view students with first or last names beginning with a certain letter.  To see all students at once scroll down and click on "Show all".

All Particpants Show all Participants
Step 3: If you want to view a specific student's profile, click on his/her name.

How to Print Roster

Step 1: Click on Grades in the Course Administration Block

Step 2: In the expanded list click on EXPORT and select Excel Spreadsheet

Export Excel Document 
Step 3: Scroll down to Grade items to be included. Deselect ALL the choices

Step 4: Submit and Download document

**When Students Drop a Course**

When a student drops a course from the registrar, the dropped student will disappear from BOTH the Participants list and the Quick Mail list. He/She will not longer see the course on their MyTC portal.

As faculty, you will still see the name of the student ONLY under Course Administration > Users > Enrolled users.
Next to the name of the student, the button that says LDAP enrollment will be greyed out for the student who has dropped the course.