Gradebook Visibility

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Gradebook Visibility

August 3, 2016 - August 3, 2016

Instructors have the option to hide the gradebook completely from students, hide a grade item from all students, and hide grades from individual students.


To hide the grade book completely from students, you need to:


Step 1: Go to the Administration block on your course home page. Click on Edit settings


Edit Settings


Step 2: Now scroll down to Appearance. Under Show gradebook to students, choose No to hide it.


Show Gradebook to Students


To hide a grade item, you have several different options.

1. On the course home page. The instructor can hide an item on the course page. Hiding an assignment, for example, will automatically hide the grade for this assignment

2. On the Gradebook. To hide or show an item in the gradebook, you can choose Categories and Items and click on the eye icon of the activity/grade category.

Grader Report: Categories and Items
Hide Item
3. The instructor can also go to Grader Report

Grade Report Turn Editing On


Click on the Gear icon under the grade item or category.


Edit Gear Icon


Click on the Hidden checkbox. You can also specify a hidden until date. Grades will be hidden before this date and time. This will hide the grades from students for assignment #1. Click on the Enable checkbox to specify a date.


Hidden Date


Instructors can also hide grades from an individual student.


Inside Grade Report:

Click on Turn editing on and go to a student row.


Student Row


Click on the Gear icon above the grade. In this example, the instructor is hiding the Assignment#1 grade from one student.

Click on the Hidden checkbox

Optional: Specify Hidden Until Date


***Note: Changing grade's visibility does not affect the assignment's visibility on the course page.***


IMPORTANT: When you hide a grade item or category, your grades will be hidden from your view. To see your students' grades, you will need to click on Turn editing on.