How the Gradebook Works

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How the Gradebook Works

August 3, 2016 - August 3, 2016


If you do not want students to see the gradebook, make it invisible under Administration > Edit Settings.


admin, edit, settings


Under Appearence > Show gradebook to students choose No. When you select "Yes," students will only see their own grades.


Show Gradebook to Students


Assignments are automatically added to the gradebook. Decide which week the assignment is due and what type of assignment it is. In the Topic/Weekly section Click Add an activity or resource and select Assignment.


Add an assignment


When creating an assignment, under Grade assign a point value (100 is default). For example, your homework may be out of 10 points. Moodle will automatically convert to percentages, so if you use a 3-point scale, a 2 is converted to a 67%.


Grade assignment


To enter grades, go to the Gradebook. Under Administration, select Grades.


Administration and Grades


Your assignments will be visible in the Grader report across the top.


Grader Report Assignments


Click on the name of the assignment in the Grader Report. In the Grading summary scroll down to Administration at the left and click Download all submissions to download a .zip file of all the students' assignment responses.


Download all subscriptions


To enter grades or leave comments scroll back up the Grading summary and click View/grade all submissions.

Grading Summary


Scroll over to the Grades column.


Grade column

Click on pencil icon for each student to enter grade.


Each grade


There's Submission status with information. Then enter the Grade. Enter Feedback comments (optional).


Submission status


Grade / Feedback

Save changes and Continue.


Save changes


Grade saved


To email feedback to students, check the box next to their name, scroll down to With selected..., choose Send feedback files.


Send feedback files