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September 7, 2016 - September 7, 2016

Bookmarks are used to highlight content in a recording. You can use bookmarks in your recording to:

  • Indicate information that is unclear for which you want to clarify.
  • Emphasize important information to which students should pay extra attention.
  • Add additional information, including URLs.

You can create bookmarks at specific points in a recording while the class is being taught or while reviewing a playback of the recording. As the instructor, the bookmarks you create are public by default—available to anyone reviewing the recording. Optionally, you can make the bookmarks private—available only to yourself.

A recording’s bookmarks appear in the lower left pane during playback. Each bookmark is displayed as an icon followed by the timestamp indicating the point in the recording to which the bookmark refers, and followed by a short description as shown below. 

Note: The light blue icon represents a private bookmark that the user has created and it is not visible to the public.  The dark blue icon represents a public bookmark that the user has created and it is visible to the public.


Use it to mark…

Information that is unclear

Information that is unclear.

Important Bookmark

Information that is important to review later (e.g., for a test or a final project).


Information for which you can add your own comments or URL.

Public bookmark

Public bookmark created by an instructor

To create a bookmark while viewing a recording,

1.   Select the class recording you want to bookmark.  This will take you to the class recording.

Select the class recording

2.   Select Add/Edit at the bottom left of the screen.

3.   Pause the recording at the point you want to bookmark.

Pause Recording


Type of Bookmark4.  Select the type of bookmark you want to create from the list, e.g.    and add your comment.


A finished bookmark will look like this:
Bookmarked Screenshot