Recording a Class

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Recording a Class

September 7, 2016 - September 7, 2016

1. Once you've installed the recorder onto your computer, you can begin to record a class.

2. Select Record a Class.

Recorder ScreenShot

3. Select a course.

Main Recording Screen 

4. The default title includes the day, date and time. Give your title a meaningful name. Remember you CANNOT use the following characters in the title: \ / : * ? % ” < > | & ; ’

You can include commas, hyphens, and periods as needed in your titles.


You might want to include your name, course number or title and the date of the lecture. For example, MSTU 4000, Technology in Future Classrooms, Feb 29, 2012.

5. Check the Instructor Video box if you want to have your video captured.

Video Picture


You can also choose to use a picture instead of your video. Simply click on Select Picture and choose your desired picture.

6. Select Settings to set up the video and audio.

Choose your audio input.

Settings Screenshot
Next, set up your camera. 
 When capturing your video, remember to wear clothes that complement the background.  For example, you might want to wear colored clothes instead of white clothes when your background is white. 

Don’t forget to leave sufficient headroom and noseroom, especially if you tend to move around when you speak.

Good Video Shot

7.   Test Video to make sure everything runs smoothly.

8.   Now you are reading to start your recording.

Start Recording Screen


9. Any time you want to pause or stop the recording, click on the desired action button located at the bottom right of the screen.

Video Navigation


10. To end the recording, select the required option, as described below, and click Yes.

End Recording Screen shot