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Online Viewing

September 7, 2016 - September 7, 2016

1.   From the Class Recordings page, click the course title you want to view. 

Thumbnail images of the chapter index entries and the titles of the chapters appear below the class title, as shown in the following figure. 

The icon to the left of the class title indicates whether the thumbnails are: shown Shown Thumbnail  or hidden Hidden Thumbnail


Record a Class 

If you stop a recording while it is playing, the next time you access the same recording, a new thumbnail image appears before the other thumbnail images. This new thumbnail image enables you to resume your playback from where you left off during the previous playback session.

Note: The Resume thumbnail image only appears if you previously viewed this recording and stopped it at some point before the end of the recording.  Please see diagram below.

Select Starting Point


To select a starting point for viewing:


Hover your mouse over the chapter index entries to view enlarged index entries.


Click the first chapter index entry (indicated by a (1) under the thumbnail image)

to view the recording from the beginning.


Click any other index entry to view the recording from that starting point.

The class recording is played starting from the selected chapter.

An indication in the lower left corner displays the current playback time and the length of the recording (in the format hh:mm:ss/hh:mm:ss). This is followed by an icon which provides an indication of the network connection status.

A problematic playback may indicate a problem with the network connection, such as not enough bandwidth or a disruption in your network connection. Tegrity provides you with a method to help diagnose the problem. Click the network connection status icon to view additional details about the network status. You can click Test my computer to obtain additional information about your network connection.

During playback, the following playback controls are available: 





Forward Button

Pause and Play – These icons alternate depending on your action:

Click  to pause the class recording. The button changes to a Play button ().

Click  to continue viewing the class recording. The icon changes to a Pause button ().

Fast Back Button

Previous – Click  to return to the previous chapter (or to the beginning of the class recording).

Fast Forward Button

Next – Click  to advance to the next chapter (or to the end of the class recording).


Volume – Move the slider to change the volume.

To raise the volume, move the slider to the right.

To lower the volume, move the slider to the left.


Playing Speed – Move the slider to increase or decrease the speed at which the class recording is played. As you move the slider to the right, the speed advances until it reaches the maximum, twice (2x) the class recording speed. The speed is displayed to the right of the slider.

Display Button

Display Chapter Index – Click to display the chapter index in the main window. You can use the displayed index entries to move to a different part of the recording.


Smart Slider – Hover over the slider to see thumbnail images of the corresponding chapter. Drag the slider to jump directly to a specific point. Markers on the slider indicate bookmarks created for the recording.

Print Button

Print – Click to print the current Web page.

Download Button

Download – Click to download the class recording you are currently viewing to your computer.


Fullscreen Button

View Full Screen – Click to maximize the viewer to fill your screen.

Help Button

Help – Click to open Tegrity online help or the tutorial.

Connect button

Tegrity Connect – Click to display a list of other Tegrity users in your courses who are currently online. Tegrity Connect enables you to participate in real-time course discussions as well as have a private (one-on-one) discussion with an online user.