Getting Started with WebEx

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Getting Started with WebEx

July 21, 2016 - July 21, 2016

Participating in a WebEx Meeting

1. When entering a Meeting Center session, you can turn on your webcam by clicking Start My Video or the webcam icon.

Start a Video

2. Participant videos are displayed as thumbnails. Only six thumbnails are displayed at a time. If your session has more than six participants you can scroll through the others by clicking on arrow to the right of the thumbnails.

See more thumbnails

3. So that you can't see your video, hover over your video until you see the close arrow. Click the arrow.

Thumbnail stop my video

4. To make your video visible to you, click the open arrow.

Thumbnail start my video

5. To open the chat panel, click on the Chat icon at the top.

Thumbnail open chat

panel open:

 Chat panel open

6. To shift back to list view, click on the Participant panel arrow to face down.

Thumbnail open participant panel

panel open:

Participant open
7. To raise your hand, click on the hand icon to the right of your name.

Thumbnail raise hand