Share your screen or a file while in full screen video mode

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Share your Screen or a File While in Full Screen Video Mode

July 21, 2016 - July 21, 2016

During a WebEx session, you can share video from your webcam and view the videos of other participants.

1. To share your webcam video, click on the webcam icon to the right of your name.

Webcam Icon

2. Your video will now be displayed and the webcam icon will turn green.

3. As more participants join the meeting and share their webcams, their videos will appear in Thumbnails view. Up to six thumbnail images can be displayed in the Participants panel. If there are more than six participants sharing video, click on the arrow to the right of the thumbnails to see additional participants' thumbnails. When a meeting participant speaks, you will see their video on top.

See more thumbnails

4. To change the view to full-screen video mode, hover over upper right corner until the full-screen icon appears. Now click on it.

Fullscreen Icon

5. In full-screen mode you can scroll through more participants by clicking on the arrows under the thumbnails.

Scroll through thumbnails6. Hover over the green bar at the top for full options of the meeting controls to be displayed.

Meeting Controls closed

7. In full-screen mode the meeting control menu at the top allows you open the Participants and Chat panels: 

Meeting Controls chat and participants

Full-screen Chat & Participants panels

Full-screen Chat and Participants panels

8. To raise your hand during full screen mode, with the Participants panel open click the hand icon.

Raise hane

9. To share your screen during full screen mode, in the meetings control menu at the top (green), click on the arrow next to the Share icon to display the share screen options.

Full share share screen

Choose Share My Screen to share your full screen.

Share My Screen

Choose Share File to share a file from your computer.

Share File

Choose Share Application to share only a specific application.

Share Application

Choose Stop Sharing to stop sharing your screen.

Stop sharing screen

10. To exit full screen mode, click on Return in the meeting controls menu at the top (green).

Exit full-screen mode