Test your WebEx Audio

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Test your WebEx Audio

July 21, 2016 - July 21, 2016

When you participate in a WebEx meeting, you can connect to the audio portion using your computer or your phone. If you are using your computer, it is important that you use a headset rather than your computer speakers. Follow the steps below to test out the audio by entering your WebEx Personal Room, connecting the audio, and the testing the audio.

Enter your WebEx Personal Room

1.Go to Teachers College website. Click on MyTC to log into MyTC portal.

MyTC, portal

2. Log in using your UNI (ex. ace2468) and password.

mytc, login

3. Under TC Bookmarks, click on the appropriate TC WebEx or TC WebEx for Students

myTC WebEx LInk

4. In the upper right hand corner, click Log in

WebEx Login

5. If you are prompted, enter your TC UNI and password. Note
If you get a message about adding WebEx to Outlook, you can close the box by clicking the X in the upper right hand corner.

Adding WebEx to Outlook

Note: If you get a message about you Personal Room, click OK.

Personal Room Message

6. Click Start Meeting to enter your Personal room.

webex, home 

Connect and Test your Audio to your Computer

1. Be sure your headset is connected to the computer

2. Click Call Using Computer

Calling Using a Computer

3. Under Computer Audio Settings in the Speaker section, click the drop-down and choose your speakers.  Click Test - if your speakers are working you will hear a chime.  You can drag the slider to adjust your volume.  

In the Microphone section, click the drop-down and choose your microphone.  Check Automatically adjust volume or manually adjust by dragging the slider.

Click OK once testing is complete.

Test audio

4. Once connected you will receive a Connected check, and the Connected to Audio icon.


Audio is Connected 



To select other Speaker or Microphone options, click on the Connected to Audio icon. Under Audio Connection, click on Change settings.

Audio Settings

Once changes made, close option box.

Close Audio


You'll see the audio connection processing with a check once completed.

5. You will now have an audio connection to the meeting. 

Connect your Audio to your Phone

If you experience a problem connecting the audio with your computer, you can connect to the session via a phone.

1. Click on More Options.

More Options

2. In Audio Connection, click on I Will Call In.

I will call in option

3. You will see the number for the WebEx meeting, the access code, and your attendee ID number. Call using the US Toll free number. Follow the phone prompts to enter the access code and Attendee ID.

Call Numbers

4. After you have called in, you will see a confirmation on your screen.

Audio is Connected