Create a Test Ahead of Time in Training Center

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Create a Test Ahead of Time

July 21, 2016 - July 21, 2016

Training Center allows you to create tests that can be added to your training session. Tests can be created in the Test Library or on the session Scheduling page.

1. Login to myTC. Under TC Bookmarks, click on TC WebEx.

2. Click on Training Center, for access,  then on Test Library under Host a Session.

Training Center-Host a Session-Test Library

3. On the Test Library page, click on Create New Test.

Create New Test

4. Enter a Test Title, and a Test Description; choose to Limit the maximum score a student can receive. Change the number of points if it is not 100.

Test- Additional Information

Choose to assign a letter grade based on the points, and change ranges if necessary

Specify Letter Grades

Grade Ranges

Choose whether all questions are to be displayed on one page or one question per page.

Display Questions

5. Click on Insert Question

Insert Questions

6. Under Add Question fill in Question Type - True/False, Multiple Choice, Multiple Response, Fill in Blanks, or Essay; then compose a Question and compose Answers (when needed); then Save

Add Question

7. Enter a point score value for question.

Question point value


8. Compose more questions and answers as needed, by clicking on Insert question (lower right corner), saving and entering a point value for each, as above. After last question and point value, click Save (lower right corner).

Add questions, then Save test