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Creating a Poll Ahead of Time

July 21, 2016 - July 21, 2016

The Polling feature allows the host or presenter to conduct a survey or questionnaire with attendees during a WebEx meeting. You can create, edit, and save a poll using the Polling panel within a WebEx session.

1. Login to myTC. Under TC Bookmarks, click on TC WebEx.

2. Click Training Center in top menu, then click on Instant Session (under Host a Session).

Training Center

3. Enter a Topic name and click on Start Session.

Enter Topic and Start Session

4. Once in the training session, locate the polling icon (red arrow) in the icon tray at the bottom. If not visible, click on the gear icon (green arrow) and choose Manage Panels adding the polling panel to current panels.

Polling icon

5. Click on the Question icon and type in your first polling question.

Polling question icon

6. Click on the Answer icon.

Polling answer icon

You can now decide your Question type by clicking on Click here to change questions type

Choose question type

Single answer - displays as radio buttons and allows only one selection

Multiple answer - displays as check boxes and allows multiple selections

Short answer - displays as a text area

7. If you chose Single or Multiple answers, enter the possible answers.

Enter questions and possible answers

8. Select Record individual responses to view and/or share each participant's responses in the poll results.

Choose Record individual responses

9. Click on the Save icon to name and save the poll on your computer or USB.

Save icon

10. Your poll is now available to open up in any WebEx meeting by clicking on the folder icon and choosing the poll.

Folder icon