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Showing Content from Breakout Rooms

September 19, 2016 - September 19, 2016


1. Host begin breakout session by clicking on Start Breakout Sessions

Start Breakout Rooms


2.  While in a breakout session participants can collaborate using the Whiteboard feature. To create a new whiteboard, participants click on New Whiteboard

White Board


3.  Host can end breakout sessions by clicking on End Breakout Session

 End Breakout Session


4. Host will need to confirm ending breakout session by clicking on End Session

 Confirm Ending Session


5. The host can display participants' whiteboards in the Main room. To do so click on Breakout, then click on Share Breakout Session Content

Share Content from Breakout


6. The host will be asked to select the breakout session from which the whiteboard content will be shared

host shares whiteboard

‌7. The participant (Presenter) will be requested to share their whiteboard.

share whiteboard request


8. The participant will be given a list of their content to select what they will share

participant shares whiteboard

9. The selected content is presented in the main session for all participants to share and discuss

shared whiteboard