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Frequently Asked Questions

The Agari Quarantine folder does not appear in your TC Gmail until you first receive a potentially malicious email that is detected by the Agari email security filter. Once the quarantine folder appears in your Gmail, it will remain there permanently.

Yes, as long as you have Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook installed. If you would like to install it, click here for the download link and instructions:

The spam folder is not affected in any way by the Agari Quarantine Folder and will remain in your TC Gmail.

From the message, click on “Move to” (the file icon), and select “Inbox” or any other destination you choose from the dropdown menu.  To ensure future email from this sender does not appear in your Agari Quarantine folder, please send a message to or call the Service Desk at 212.678.3300. In your message, let us know the email address of the sender, and we will make sure the sender’s address is marked as safe within the Agari system.

Phishing is a form of fraud in which a criminal tries to learn personal or financial information by pretending to be a reputable entity or person in an email.

The concept is the same as phishing, except that instead of sending random emails to millions of potential victims, cyber attackers send targeted messages to a very few selected individuals.

With spear phishing, cyber attackers research their intended targets, such as reading their social media profiles or company web page.

While no form of security is 100% effective, we expect phishing emails to decrease significantly.  As always, it is important to be vigilant and report any suspicious emails to the Service Desk as soon as possible.