Guide #2: How To Add Sites To Your LastPass Vault

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Guide #2: How To Add Sites To Your LastPass Vault

The easiest and best way to add new sites to LastPass is to go to the site you wish to add and enter your credentials as you normally would. Click Log In to sign in.

Step 1: In the top right of your browser, next to the LastPass icon, LastPass will prompt you to add this site. You can choose “Add” or click “Edit” for more options.

In the “Edit” menu, you’re given some extra options. You can specify:

Folder: Create a new folder or select an existing folder/shared folder for this account to keep your sites organized. Some examples of folders are Financial, Shopping, Social Networks, etc.
Username: Ensure the username is correct, or otherwise edit it to the correct one
Password: Verify the correct password is being saved

Step 2: Click “Add” and LastPass will automatically enter the site data into your LastPass Vault. With your encrypted data stored, LastPass will automatically fill in this information the next time you visit the site and login.

If desired, you can also select not to save the site to LastPass by clicking “Not now.

** If you wish to make any changes to the site(s) you’ve added at a later time, you can access them from your LastPass browser extension or your vault on the web or desktop and mobile apps.

Step 3: Test it out! Log out of the site you just added to your LastPass vault. Now, return to the main login page for the site you just added. You should now see your username and password for the site already entered. Simply log in to the site and you’re all set. LastPass will now remember this password for you!

Nice work! You’ve added your first site to your LastPass vault!

Check out Guide #3 for links to short videos that show you how use some of the features of LastPass, including secure file sharing.