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Singers Workshops at TC: Find Your Voice - Find Yourself!

February 25, 2021 - April 29, 2021

Two workshops for the Spring Term.

Spring Term
Both workshops: Feb. 25 - Apr. 29, 2021 -
No class on March 4 and April 1

Music Theatre Vocal Workshop -
5:00 - 6:30pm EST on Thursdays

Young Men's Vocal Workshop -
5:00 - 6:30pm EST on Thursdays

Summer Term
Build Your Audition Book! - Dates coming soon

Format: Online (Zoom)

Singers’ Workshops at TC is designed to assist young singers (ages 11-18) develop their vocal, musical, and communicative capabilities. Developed by Singing Voice Specialist, Jeanne Goffi-Fynn, these programs grew out of our partnership with Every Voice Choirs, a not-for-profit music program at Columbia University.

These workshops provide a unique opportunity for young singers. Aside from the fun of singing with peers, our participants perform in professional venues, participate in community service opportunities, and receive training from a nationally-recognized voice instructor with a team of professional vocal educators.

Singers' Workshops encourage healthy development of singing voices in various repertoire with positive and engaging performance opportunities. Dr. Goffi-Fynn directs two workshops each term: The Process of Performance in the fall and Music Theatre in the spring.  The Young Men's Group, focuses on music theatre and is offered in the fall and spring.

Auditions are not required, although a commitment to attendance and practice are expected.

Music Theatre Vocal Workshop

Led by Dr. Jeanne Goffi-Fynn, musical theatre repertoire is the focus for this workshop. Repertoire will be chosen based on the strengths of each individual singer to provide a range of styles (from "legit" to "pop" and "CCM"). Selections are semi-staged for a workshop performance.

  • Ages 11–18
  • Meet Times: February 25 - April 29, 2021 from 5:00 - 6:30pm EST on Thursdays - No class on Mar. 4 and Apr. 1
  • SPRING Enrollment only
  • Tuition: $400 per semester
  • Need-based scholarships available.

Young Men's Vocal Workshop

Voice Specialist, Dr. Jeanne Goffi-Fynn, directs the Young Men's Vocal Workshop, which is designed to help male singers build confidence and vocal technique as they navigate their voice change and prepare for a lifetime of singing. Students will sing in a comfortable range with peers, figuring out how to keep using an instrument that changes a little or a lot every day. The program is open to all young men, including transgender, non-binary, and non-gender conforming individuals.

  • Ages 11–18
  • Meet Times: February 25 - April 29, 2021 from 6:00 - 7:30pm EST on Thursdays - No class on March 4 and April 1
  • Tuition: $400 per semester
  • Need-based scholarships available.

Build Your Audition Book!

Develop your vocal technique, learn how to craft the perfect audition "cut," and leave with at least 2-3 new audition songs, perfect for all of your audition needs!

In our 4-week summer session, you will learn songs for classical, musical theater, and CCM/pop auditions. Additionally, you will have the chance to bring in your own materials for coaching and feedback from our team of voice specialists.

At the Singers’ Workshops @ TC students sing collaboratively in a supportive environment. Singers engage in a large ensemble, small groups, and receive individual voice training.

  • Ages 11–17
  • TBD
  • SUMMER enrollment only
  • Tuition: $400 per semester
  • Need-based scholarships available.


Jeanne Goffi-Fynn, Ed.D.

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