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Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable

Office of the Controller


Please see below for how-to information regarding working with our office.

Completing a Check Request

In order to expedite payment, the following steps need to be followed. Failure to complete this document can result in a delayed payment.

  1. If any documents need to accompany the check, a copy must be attached to the check request beforehand.

  2. Indicate the name of the vendor or person to whom the check is payable.

  3. Indicate the full address of the vendor or person for whom the check is being drawn.

  4. Indicate the full address of the vendor or person and the Vendor’s T # or vendor number, which is the company/ organization’s Tax/Federal Identification Number, or the social security number of the person for whom the check is being drawn.

  5. Describe the type of expenses that were incurred.

  6. Indicate the index and the account to be charged.

  7. Indicate amount of payment. Supporting documentation must be included and reflect the amount requested. Supporting documentation refers to all relevant invoices, receipts, bills of sale, payment agreements and consultant and/or honoraria forms. Original documentation is required in support of payment.

  8. Indicate the name of the person who completed the form.

  9. Check request needs to be approved by the person in the department whose name is listed on the Accounts Payable “Authorized Signature List.” IF THE SIGNATURE IS NOT AN AUTHORIZED SIGNATURE, THE PAYMENT WILL BE REJECTED AND RETURNED.

10.  Employee reimbursements less than $100 are treated as petty cash. Petty cash is disbursed by the Office of Student Accounts.

Stop Payment Procedure

The requesting department obtains a Check Cancellation/Investigation Form from Accounts Payable. This form must be completed with all requested information.

Once completed, the form must be clocked in and placed in the "All other Accounts Payable Forms" bin.

Accounts Payable will then process the request to the general accounting department for investigation.